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Cre8Camp is a series of unconferences for creatives. It is an ad-hoc gathering for participants to learn, network and share in an open environment. The magic happens in the interactions between participants.


An unconference differs from a regular conference in the way the participants set the agenda and lead the discussion sessions.


Cre8Camp is inspired by BarCamp, a series of unconferences around the world for technology professionals. We like the BarCamp format, but believe that because it has roots as a technology-centric event series, it requires some changes for creatives.


One difference between the Cre8Camp concept and BarCamp is that the various Cre8Camps have an annual "mothership" event called Cre8Con (the Creative Conference).  Our vision is that participants of various Cre8Camps in different metro areas will consider attending this annual gathering to engage with each other and with some world-class creative keynoters for some national level networking.


The inaugural event, Cre8Camp Portland, will take place in Portland, Oregon on July 26th 2008.  It is being organized by the creative community there as a part of the launch of the Creative Conference in Portland.


Feel free to join the Cre8Camp Google Group mailing list or follow at


Upcoming Camps

  1. July 26, 2008 - Cre8Camp Portland, Portland, Oregon


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